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Updated November 2017
Dave has solved some very difficult problems, restored rifles and pistols, fixed problems that should have never occurred, and done woodwork on several rifles that quite frankly is superior to anything I expected or have ever seen. Dave's talent - well, I think wizard is the best word to describe his ability. These days it seems the word "craftsmanship" is lost, but not with Dave. He is truly one of the best craftsmen I have ever seen. IF YOU DON'T GIVE HIM A TRY YOU HAVE LOST! ~ Doug Mueller
Dave Nolan is an exceptional professional. His custom rifles are renown in his attention to detail and in their functionality and beauty. A work of art and science from steel and wood.
Dave is as knowledgeable in repairs and restoration as he is in the work of creating. He's done work for me and it's obvious he understands firearms more than anyone else I know. His craftsmanship is reasonably priced and his turn - around time on work is amazing. ~ Pedro Acosta
Dave is excellent at the trade and is excellent at teaching as well. He went out of his way to get my shop on the right track with bluing technology. ~ Peter Hubbard
Dave's work is probably the best that I have ever encountered. I appreciate the way he communicates with you during the whole process and if he makes recommendations you understand why he is making them. Dave shows great respect toward your firearms and understands sentimental value.
It is a refreshing pleasure to do business with people like Dave and Melva. ~ Jack Miller
Dave redesigned the grip on my K80 shotgun, checkered it beautifully and then refinished the wood to perfection. Highly skilled and talented gunsmith and craftsman! ~ Jamie Becker
Thank you for a tremendous turn around and absolute quality on your work. . . .
I appreciate your old school service and honor in the transaction.We will be doing business again my friend."
~ Bill Larkin with Bluboy Relics
Just a note to THANK YOU ……. For the gift of your talents.
Each part of the rifle, an expression of your God given skill ……what a blessing to have been a part of the journey.
It will truly be a reminder of our friendship as I can "feel" every pain staking stroke and can imagine every moment you spent thinking of how to make this perfect for ME ……..almost like an altar where you let something be created first in your mind and then thru your hands. ~ Jeff M.